Motorcycle Accidents

St. Paul Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle operation is at an all-time high in Minnesota. In 2014, 46 fatalities (41 drivers and 5 passengers) occurred, and over 1,100 individuals were injured. The State crash data for 2014 also shows that in 2014, one out of six motorcycle operators who were involved in fatal crashes did not have a valid endorsement to drive a motorcycle. This underscores the importance of motorcyclists receiving proper operator training.

Currently, Minnesota does not have a mandatory helmet use law for motorcyclists 18 or older. Oftentimes the insurance coverages on motorcycles are limited, and it is important that all applicable coverages be identified, including those that may apply to other vehicles involved in an accident or collision. Unfortunately such accidents oftentimes involve significant injuries, including head trauma, brain injury, and orthopedic injuries.

For riders, contributing factors for motorcycle accidents include illegal or unsafe speed, driver inexperience, and driver inattention and distraction. For accidents involving another vehicle, major contributing factors oftentimes are a failure to yield the right of way, and driver inattention and distraction. The simple fact is many motorists are driving without an awareness of the motorcyclists with whom they share the road.

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