Snowmobile Accident

St. Paul Snowmobile Accident Lawyer

The heavy snow of winter creates a lot of excitement for those who enjoy activities such snowmobiling, skiing and snowboarding. Unfortunately, snowmobile accidents caused by negligent snowmobile operators are a common occurrence.

Some of the most common snowmobile accidents involving operator negligence include the following:

  • inattentive snowmobile drivers colliding with you or your loved ones
  • intoxicated snowmobiling
  • excessive speed
  • poor maintenance and/or manufacturing of snowmobiles
  • other mechanical defects
  • improper signage and unsafe trails leading to potential dangers
  • snowmobile driving collisions with a skier or a snowboarder

Whether it’s you or a loved one that is injured in a snowmobile accident that was caused by someone else, you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit and hold the at fault party or parties accountable for the negligence that occurred. O’Dea Law Firm has handled snowmobile injury cases that have resulted in compensation being paid to our injured clients.

Snowmobile Accident Investigation – O’Dea Law Firm

Every serious snowmobile accident should be thoroughly investigated. O’Dea Law Firm has expertise in investigating the circumstances of snowmobile accidents and addressing the medical complexities of our clients’ injuries. This is the starting point for obtaining adequate compensation for our clients.

As a snowmobile accident attorney at O’Dea Law Firm, Richard O’Dea will work diligently to secure the best possible result for you, including compensation for your injuries, medical treatment payment, wage loss, and pain and suffering damages.

Moving Towards Recovery – O’Dea Law Firm

While injuries from snowmobile accidents can heal without complication, there can be ones that may leave a person fully or partially disabled. O’Dea Law Firm will strive to move your case forward quickly, while attempting to assist you in obtaining the medical care and treatment that will best address your accident-related injuries. Let our years of personal injury experience assist you in alleviating the stresses that arise from these types of accidents.

For More Information on Snowmobile Accidents, Contact A St. Paul Personal Injury Attorney

Technological developments in the sport and plentiful winter conditions all contribute to the popularity of snowmobiling. Despite the sport’s popularity, unfortunately snowmobiling can be a dangerous activity leading leading to injuries and death. If you want to know what your rights and options may be following a snowmobile accident, call the O’Dea Law Firm at telephone no. 651-407-5155 for a free consultation.


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