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Numerous state and federal statutes and regulations govern commercial trucking in Minnesota and throughout the country. Trucks, also known as commercial vehicles (CMVs), in 2014 were involved in over 5,000 traffic crashes in Minnesota according to the Department of Public Safety. This was a 6% increase from the previous year. 63 people were killed in 57 fatal truck crashes. In addition, there were 1,387 people injured in truck-related crashes. Given the size advantage of the trucks that are on the road, the majority of the people killed or injured in truck-related collisions are occupying smaller involved vehicles. Only 5 of the 63 people killed in 2014 in truck-related crashes occupied trucks.

The causes of truck-related collisions are numerous but can include such things as driver fatigue, excessive speed, failure to yield the right of way, failure to maintain a proper lookout, driving without regard to weather conditions, and improperly maintained or loaded trucks.

Oftentimes evidence supporting negligence claims arising from truck crashes can be obtained from the on-board computer systems in the trucks themselves, and from the driver’s time logs, and truck maintenance records. However, securing this evidence typically requires prompt action by the injured party’s attorney.

Also, if one is injured in a crash caused by the negligence of a truck driver/trucking company, typically no-fault insurance benefits will be available to the injured party. However, to the extent that one’s no-fault insurer pays benefits, the insurer will later have a separate claim back against the truck driver’s insurer for the amount of benefits it has paid. Minnesota Statute 65B.53, Subd. 1. An injured person who is attempting to settle a liability claim against an at-fault truck driver/trucking company must be careful in signing any release documents so as to not impair the no-fault insurer’s separate claim rights, or inadvertently assume the obligation to pay the no-fault insurer.

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