Six Ways to Prevent Minnesota Motorcycle Accidents

“Check twice, save a life,” they always say on radio and TV ads, but what can motorcyclists do to prevent accidents? In 2014 alone 4,295 people died in motorcycle accidents. Some were caused by the drivers of other motor vehicles, but many were caused by the motorcyclists themselves. There are many things that can be done by motorcyclists to prevent accidents.

  1. Drivers who have recently began riding a motorcycle should not drive with passengers. It is significantly more difficult to drive a motorcycle with a passenger, and drivers should have more experience under their belts before attempting.
  2. Drivers should wear protective eye gear. Debris hitting the driver in the eye can cause a serious accident.
  3. The motorcycle should be the right size for the driver. The driver’s feet should be able to touch the ground while sitting on the motorcycle.
  4. Observe the speed limit. This seems obvious, but speeding causes more motorcycle accidents than any other factor.
  5. Drive defensively. Make other drivers aware of what you are planning to do next. Signal well in advance and tap your breaks in advance to signal that you are about to stop.
  6. Only allow teenagers to drive a motorcycle when you are certain they are mature and skilled enough to do so safely.

Many accidents were caused by the drivers of larger vehicles failing to notice the motorcycle driver. It’s important for all drivers to do their part to prevent accidents. Call O’Dea Law Firm to make sure your legal needs are met, if you have become injured in an accident caused by another driver.

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