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55-Year Old Woman Killed in a Wisconsin Motorcycle Accident

A 55-year old woman died in an accident between a motorcycle and van in southern Wisconsin in late July. As the summer riding season continues, we will tragically see more reports like this as motorcycle traffic increases throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota, and the upper midwest. Riders can use the few facts that have been reported on… Read more »

Six Ways to Prevent Minnesota Motorcycle Accidents

“Check twice, save a life,” they always say on radio and TV ads, but what can motorcyclists do to prevent accidents? In 2014 alone 4,295 people died in motorcycle accidents. Some were caused by the drivers of other motor vehicles, but many were caused by the motorcyclists themselves. There are many things that can be done by… Read more »

Personal Injury Lawyer Urges Wisconsin’s Weekend Bikers to Use Extreme Caution

It’s coming close to the weekend and according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s statistics that means one thing. Motorcycle accidents willlikely be on the rise. Each year, the state’s best number crunchers compile details about such accidents and compare them over time. It’s how they determined that weekends, typically between 1 p.m. and 4… Read more »