CDC on Bicycle Accidents

The CDC website tells us that almost half a million emergency room visits in 2013 were because of bicycle-related injuries, and 900 bicyclists were killed. While the vast majority of injuries aren’t fatal, they can still be serious, and the CDC offers some common-sense advice on how to avoid them or reduce their impact.

It’s not surprising that most bicycle deaths occur in urban areas, but many people might not realize that most of them don’t occur at intersections. Car doors opening, cars pulling out of parking spaces, and unexpected lane changes can endanger riders.

Older riders have a lower accident rate, but riders above 40 have a relatively high death rate. Reduced ability to recover from injury may be a factor.

Helmets reduce the chances of serious injury, and they aren’t just for children. A simple fall without a helmet can result in a concussion. A good helmet is lightweight and comfortable and doesn’t interfere with vision.

Clothing makes a big difference. Fluorescent clothing helps with visibility, even in the daytime. Retroreflective clothing — the kind that reflects light back to its source in any direction — is very helpful at night. Of course riders should use lights at night, preferably both in front and in back.

One thing which the CDC site doesn’t mention is following traffic laws. If you follow the rules of the road, drivers will know what to expect of you. This will help them to stay out of your way, and you’ll earn their respect. If you do get hit, your chances of recovering compensation are better if you were acting legally.

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