Personal Injury Lawyer Warns Warm Weather and Cold Drinks Don’t Mix Well

On the surface, warm weather and cold beer seem like a great combination.   You’re hot, the beer’s cold and everyone’s thirsty. Unfortunately, indulging in a few summery drinks could land someone a spot in one of Minnesota or Wisconsin’s jail cells or hospitals. Our personal injury lawyers understand that there are several reasons for this potential outcome, beginning with the body’s reaction to both external stimuli.

Why Avoid Drinking Adult Beverages on Steamy, Summer Days?

Both heat and alcoholic beverages share a common element. They each have a tendency to dehydrate the body. Dehydration is widely considered capable of making a person overly tired, delirious and dizzy. It should also be noted that even if a person has only consumed one drink on a particularly hot day, the dehydration factor could kick in and exacerbate the beverage’s effects. As such, the person could initially behave more impaired than usual.

Isn’t Having Just One Beer by the Pool Okay?

Now combine that knowledge with the normal effects of alcohol consumption and it’s easy to see why the combination is so troublesome.  But how a person feels or behaves after drinking alcohol on a hot day is only part of the issue. In both Minnesota and Wisconsin, drivers may face legal troubles for having blood alcohol levels lower than 0.16 at the time of traffic stop or accident. And that isn’t a hard BAC level to achieve, regardless of the weather.

What Do the State’s Stats Have to Say?

We’ve crunched both states’ drunk driving statistics and were horrified at the results. Each state’s drivers have a history of driving impaired more often than the national average. Proof of Minnesota and Wisconsin’s stats as compared to the national average may be obtained from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In addition, many of those impaired drivers eventually find themselves in motor vehicle or pedestrian related accidents where people are injured or killed.

Are There Any Best Practices and Take-Aways?

So what should Minnesota and Wisconsin’s residents do if they or a loved one ends up being involved in an auto wreck where impairment was a factor? We’d suggest retaining a personal injury lawyer. To find out how personal injury lawyers may help victims of an alcohol-fueled accident, please contact the O’Dea Law Firm today.

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