Dangerous Roadways and Pedestrian Accidents

Media outlets and even many authorities are quick to cite distracted driving or distracted walking as being the culprit of most pedestrian accidents. However, what often becomes clear only after multiple incidents is that some roadways are simply not safe for pedestrians or bicyclists. Even when those pedestrians have the right-of-way and motorists exercise utmost caution, there exist dangerous roadways and intersections where accidents occur. In these situations, the governmental agency charged with building and maintaining the roadway is potentially liable.

Investigating Dangerous Roadways

It takes an experienced Minnesota accident lawyer to legally determine whether or not a specific roadway and its maintaining body are at fault for accident. However, the following are some of the more common examples of dangerous or defective conditions that may offer potential legal remedies:

  • Poor lighting.  This is especially important during these long winter nights. Roadways without proper lighting are often among the most dangers. The government is responsible for fixing areas with a history of accidents due to inadequate lighting.
  • Negligent foliage maintenance.  It’s integral for trees, bushes, and other leafy foliage to undergo regular trimming to ensure no signs get impeded. Failure by the government to do so can impact visibility and cause pedestrian accidents.
  • Poor roadway maintenance.  Intersections and cross walks require regular maintenance to ensure that surfaces are even. This prevents vehicles from spinning out of control should they hit a pothole or bump unexpectedly.
  • Dangerous design.  Sometimes roadways are dangerous due to their very design. Maybe the government built a cross walk too close to a hill, resulting in limited visibility for pedestrians and vehicles. Or signage doesn’t adequately reflect a frequently used cross walk.

Proving government fault for pedestrian accidents isn’t always easy, but it necessary to prevent further accidents. If you are someone you know was hurt while navigating Minnesota roadways, then contact us today to learn more about your rights and potential claim.


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