Three Safety Myths That Contribute to Pedestrian Accidents

Walking is a good aerobic exercise that keeps the leg muscles toned. At the same time, it can be bad for your health if a motor vehicle injures you. While motorists must exercise caution when pedestrians are crossing or walking along the road, pedestrians must do their part. All too often, they don’t take walking around traffic as seriously as they do driving a car. In addition, their walking behavior is guided by a number of safety misconceptions that contribute to pedestrian accidents. Here are three of them:

My Safety Is in the Hands of the Motor Vehicles around Me

Of the many safety myths, this is the most deadly. This is why some pedestrians walk on a road at night without reflective clothing or a light. They assume that motorists will see and steer around them. That has always been their experience and will continue to be right up until they are hit by a car. This is especially a problem with teens and young adults. Your safety is entirely in your hands and is your responsibility.

A Walk Signal Means It’s Safe to Cross

A walk signal means it’s your turn to cross an intersection or a road. Even though it’s your turn to cross, it doesn’t mean it’s safe. You can only know that by looking for cars that are running a red light and for cars making right turns on to your crosswalk. Light signals are only that — a signal. They aren’t physical barriers that protect you from harm. Only your eyes and caution will do that.

If You Can See the Driver, the Driver Can See You

Even if you can see the driver’s face, it doesn’t mean the driver is aware of you. Don’t be fooled by what seems like eye contact. The driver could be looking past you or straight through you. Drivers are generally looking for threats, which are other cars or trucks. Smaller things such as pedestrians and even motorcycles may not even register. The only way you can know for sure is when they give you a positive hand signal to cross.

If you were injured because a motorist hit you while walking, don’t hesitate to get legal assistance from the O’Dea Law Firm. Contact us today for a free case review.


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