Drunk Driving Accidents? What to Expect From Your Personal Injury Lawyers

While it might seem like a no-brainer that your personal injury lawyer is an expert in handling drunk driving cases, there are actually many specialties within PI. It’s important to hire an attorney with vast experience in trying cases under the laws of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Be sure to ask a prospective attorney to share his or her past verdicts with you. These should come directly from drunk driving cases, especially those that went all the way to trial. You can also interview attorneys and ask them what their approach would be to proving a drunk driver’s negligence in your case.

Not All Drunk Driving Cases Are the Same

It’s easy to assume that your claim against a drunk driver will be open and shut. Imagine the jury feeling sorry for you, the injured person, and responding by awarding you the maximum damages allowed under state law. However, the reality is that the burden rests on your civil trial attorney to defend your rights as an accident victim. He or she must prove that your injuries resulted directly from the drunk driver’s negligence. This reality hardly makes your case open and shut. If it were that simple, you would already have a check from the at-fault insurance company sitting in your personal bank account.

Standing Up to Insurance Companies

In reality, it’s expensive for personal injury law firms to stand up to insurance companies in drunk driving cases with serious injuries or deaths. These cases often go to trial and can become very costly to resolve. That’s because insurance companies typically have deeper pockets, and they won’t hesitate to bring in experts to refute the facts prepared by the plaintiff’s attorney, especially the notion that your injuries could have been prevented.

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