Roadwork Ahead: Protect Yourself While Driving in Construction Zones

In warm months, road construction plagues cities across the country. Though it’s a necessary part of our lives, it causes frustration, traffic backups, and traffic accidents. Avoid accidents while driving through construction zones with the following tips.

Pay Attention and Avoid Distraction

It’s always important to give your full attention to driving. However, construction zones are full of cones, detours, bumps and holes, barriers, and of course, workers. Neglecting to keep a careful eye out for sudden changes in patterns, road conditions, and the traffic around you can result in accidents that endanger both drivers and workers. Put away cell phones, make-up, maps, and anything else that steals your attention away from what’s most important.

Breathe Deep and Stay Calm

It’s easy to get frustrated when in a construction zone. However, when slow speeds, long waits, and discourteous drivers threaten your sanity, take a deep breath. Remember, it’s only temporary. Anger leads to bad decisions and allowing disrespectful drivers to get under your skin can lead to dangerous road rage incidents.

Obey Signs, Barriers, and Laws

An easy way to avoid accidents in a construction zone is to obey instructions. They tell drivers what to do, where to go, and what to expect in order to create the safest construction environment possible. Driving around barriers, ignoring signs, speeding, and refusing to stop when instructed increase your chances of an accident.

Give Yourself Time

If you’re in a rush, the tangles of road construction are more upsetting than usual. This can lead to hasty and inattentive driving. If you know construction is set up in your local area, prepare yourself by leaving for your destination early. You won’t feel rushed, you’ll have less frustration, and you’ll reduce your risk of an accident.

When those orange cones and barrels come out, accidents happen. Unsafe driving habits put everyone at risk. Use the above tips avoid accidents and injuries.

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