Injured at an Outdoor Event in MN or WI? Personal Injury Lawyers May Help

Summers in Minnesota and Wisconsin are tailor-made for outdoor concerts as well as other entertaining events. Unfortunately, not all event planners or venues turn out to be safe places. In years past, summer concert and fair goers have suffered a number of accidental injuries. We’ve also noted a few venue related deaths.

Sometimes the injuries are minor and caused by tripping over a poorly placed cable or guy wire. Other situations, including collapsed stages and fires, may clearly lead to ghastly injuries or death. Regardless of the accident’s severity, Wisconsin and Minnesota residents shouldn’t let their injuries go unaccounted for. Both states have what’s known as premise liability laws in place.

Aren’t they just for situations where the accident took place indoors? Absolutely not! In Minnesota and Wisconsin, premise liability laws extend to outdoor events too. So anyone injured at summer concerts, art walks, street fairs and other similar events may be able to recover damages. These rights are spelled out in various statutes, including but not limited to §§895.045 and §§101.01 (Wisconsin).

Residents must also note that in certain situations, recreational immunity statutes may also apply. They tend to limit when injured parties may sue for damages. For example, if the venue is being used for bungee jumping or another sport widely considered dangerous, the property owner may be exempt from liability. Therefore, personal injury lawyers must look at where the event occurred, what the person was doing and if they signed a waiver before participating in the activity. In addition, they must look at other facts and compare them to all applicable statutes before giving their clients advice on exercising certain rights.

To learn more about recouping losses caused by accidents at outdoor events, please contact the personal injury lawyers at O’Dea Law Firm today. We can help people take legal action against both Minnesota and Wisconsin event venues.


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