Motorcycle Accidents: Helmet Myths You Need to Know

It’s widely known that helmets save lives during motorcycle accidents.

However, many riders don’t like to wear them because they believe the following myths:

Helmets Impair Hearing

The truth is helmets don’t make it any harder to hear other motorists or emergency sirens. In fact, some helmets can block out wind noise making it easier to hear such sounds.

Helmets Damage the Neck and Spine

While helmets add weight to your head, they in no way damage the neck and spine. Their design actually absorbs the impact if your head hits the ground or other obstacle.

Helmets Reduce Peripheral Vision

Helmets in no way reduce peripheral vision. Federal safety standards mandate that helmets provide 210 degrees of vision. Normal peripheral vision is around 180 degrees.

Helmets Cause Heat Exhaustion

Such a problem is rare for riders, and if it does occur, there is no proof that a helmet contributes to the problem.

Helmets Cause Riders to Be More Daring

There is no research that proves helmeted riders take more risks than those who don’t wear one. It’s important to note that motorcyclists who always wear full gear and never drink an alcoholic beverage before hitting the road are said to ride in a less risky fashion than other riders.

Motorcycle Helmet Laws Violate Individual Rights

Such laws are no different from any other traffic laws such as wearing a seatbelt. Helmet laws are designed to keep riders safe so they are not a danger to themselves.

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident due to another driver’s negligence, please contact us to discuss your case.


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