Retain an Attorney to Help Ensure Success in Your Claim for Disability Benefits

If you have been injured in an accident and are attempting to obtain disability benefits from Social Security, you may be disappointed in their response. The initial claim rejection rate by Social Security is high.  As frustrated as you may feel, there are steps you can take which will improve your chances of being successful in your claim for disability benefits.

The appeals process for obtaining Social Security Disability benefits can be difficult when going it alone. Hiring an attorney with extensive knowledge and experience is beneficial. The entire process can be long and drawn-out, but it is necessary in order to ensure you get the benefits you deserve while you recover from your injuries.

The Reconsideration Stage

The first stage of the appeals process is the reconsideration stage. This is where you re-apply for benefits, and attempt to show more compelling evidence of your injury and disability. This may involve a new examination by a medical doctor. This first stage could result in a decision in your favor. It is possible, however, that Social Security will still turn you down for a variety of reasons.

Administrative Hearing

The next stage is an administrative hearing before an administrative judge. The hearings vary in complexity. Generally, you will have to answer some questions from the judge and maybe other experts who will evaluate your case. You should have an attorney at this stage to ensure that your case is properly presented to the judge.  You do not want there to be any ambiguity regarding the seriousness of your condition.

From there, if you are not successful in your claim there may be further appeal options for you to pursue.  Proving up your disability can be frustrating process but with proper attorney guidance you can be successful.  Contact us to set up a consultation to discuss your situation in detail.

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