The Importance of Changing Your Will After a Divorce in Minnesota

It’s always unfortunate when couples decide to end their marriage and go their separate ways. It’s great when you can both agree on who gets what, agree on the custody and visitation schedule of the children, and agree on child support. When this happens, you may think you’re good to go and that you can both move on with your life.

However, you are forgetting one thing: Your will. If you’re like most couples, you had a will drawn up as soon as your first child was born. This is done more to protect your children, as a will outlines who receives custody of the child. But a will also outlines who inherits certain assets. If you don’t change your will, years from now your ex can inherit everything, leaving your current spouse with nothing.

Changing a Will After Divorce

It’s not a difficult process to change your will after a divorce. If you have children, you and your ex-spouse need to agree upon who would become their guardians if both of you passed away before the children reached the age of majority.

From there, you’ll want to make sure that you appoint a new executor, and make sure that you only bequeath assets and property that now belong to you after the divorce. If you wish to set up some type of trust fund for your children, make sure you specify who you wish the trustee to be, if you don’t wish your former spouse handle the trust.

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