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Tractor-Trailer Accidents: What to Do If You’ve Been Involved in a Serious Accident

Serious accidents are always shocking experiences, especially when involving tractor-trailers. Accident victims are often left to deal with hospitalization, missed work, and even the loss of a family member. Given the high rate of tractor-trailer accidents on the roads in Minnesota and Wisconsin, it is important for you to know what to do if you… Read more »

After Suffering a Work Injury, Contact an Attorney

After suffering a work injury, it is important for people to understand their legal rights. Under the workers’ compensation regime of both Minnesota and Wisconsin, there is a certain administrative process that must be undertaken to get compensation from employers when injuries occur during the course and scope of a worker’s employment. Filing a workers’ compensation… Read more »

Automobile Accidents: The Deadly Problem of Road Debris

USA Today recently reported some alarming findings from a study on road debris. Between 2011 and 2014, debris left on roads in the U.S. led to over 200,000 crashes, tens of thousands of injuries, and hundreds of fatalities. Typically, people don’t think of road debris as a major factor in automobile accidents. But consider some… Read more »

Choosing the right Minnesota Healthcare Directives

End of life decisions are hard to make. Knowing the patients wishes is often clouded by emotions, when an unexpected serious illness strikes. Having the appropriate healthcare directives in place, it gives family members and their healthcare providers a clearer picture of the patients wishes. These advance directives come in many forms and do vary by… Read more »

The Importance of Changing Your Will After a Divorce in Minnesota

It’s always unfortunate when couples decide to end their marriage and go their separate ways. It’s great when you can both agree on who gets what, agree on the custody and visitation schedule of the children, and agree on child support. When this happens, you may think you’re good to go and that you can… Read more »

Minnesota Dog Bite Personal Injury Lawyer

A dog bite can be a serious matter; the victim of a dog bite may be psychologically traumatized, have injuries that require surgery or result in permanent physical scarring or even loss of sight. Having a personal injury lawyer to represent you is so important to ensure you or your loved one gets the settlement you deserve. Minnesota has one… Read more »

Minnesota Traumatic Brain Injury

The road to recovery after a traumatic brain injury, may never end. Using the word recovery in the same sentence with traumatic brain injury, might be a little misleading, but then definitions of recovery can vary. The only thing that varies much more, would be traumatic brain injuries themselves. A traumatic brain injury can effect any or many… Read more »

Six Ways to Prevent Minnesota Motorcycle Accidents

“Check twice, save a life,” they always say on radio and TV ads, but what can motorcyclists do to prevent accidents? In 2014 alone 4,295 people died in motorcycle accidents. Some were caused by the drivers of other motor vehicles, but many were caused by the motorcyclists themselves. There are many things that can be done by… Read more »

Richard O’Dea named 2016 Minnesota Super Lawyer!

For the 12th year in a row, Rich O’Dea has been named a “Minnesota Super Lawyer” in the area of Plaintiff’s Personal Injury representation by Super Lawyers, a Thomson Reuters Company.  The selection process involves attorney nominations, independent research, and peer evaluations of potential candidates, resulting in only 5% of attorneys in Minnesota being selected… Read more »