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Roadwork Ahead: Protect Yourself While Driving in Construction Zones

In warm months, road construction plagues cities across the country. Though it’s a necessary part of our lives, it causes frustration, traffic backups, and traffic accidents. Avoid accidents while driving through construction zones with the following tips. Pay Attention and Avoid Distraction It’s always important to give your full attention to driving. However, construction zones… Read more »

Drunk Driving Accidents? What to Expect From Your Personal Injury Lawyers

While it might seem like a no-brainer that your personal injury lawyer is an expert in handling drunk driving cases, there are actually many specialties within PI. It’s important to hire an attorney with vast experience in trying cases under the laws of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Be sure to ask a prospective attorney to share his or her past verdicts with you. These… Read more »

Trucking Accidents and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations

Accidents involving semi-trucks can be especially tragic. Trucks are large, heavy, especially dangerous vehicles. When a much smaller vehicle collides with a semi-truck on a highway, the results are usually devastating. It is because of this increased risk that the United States Congress passed the Motor Carrier Safety Improvement Act in the year 2000. This law… Read more »

How a Consultative Examiner Can Help in Your Claim For Disability Benefits

When you apply for Social Security disability benefits, you’ll find that your claim is examined by a medical examiner who is appointed by the Social Security Administration. Sometimes, the opinions provided by these experts support the position of the claimant. Other times, not such much, and this could wind up hurting the claimant’s chances of… Read more »

Reasons a Personal Injury Attorney is Needed After a Work Injury

Unfortunately, being injured at work is something many people face on a daily basis. Sometimes accidents are caused when an employee works in a dangerous environment. Other times, the employee is careless or is not provided with the right safety equipment. Regardless of the cause of the accident, it is important that the employee has… Read more »

Injured at an Outdoor Event in MN or WI? Personal Injury Lawyers May Help

Summers in Minnesota and Wisconsin are tailor-made for outdoor concerts as well as other entertaining events. Unfortunately, not all event planners or venues turn out to be safe places. In years past, summer concert and fair goers have suffered a number of accidental injuries. We’ve also noted a few venue related deaths. Sometimes the injuries… Read more »

What You Need to Know After Sustaining a Brain Injury

It is estimated that over one million Americans sustain head & brain injuries each year. The vast majority of these cases are the result of a blow to the head. These injuries may occur from a vehicle accident, a fall, or a defective product. A brain injury can ultimately be a devastating situation for both… Read more »

CDC on Bicycle Accidents

The CDC website tells us that almost half a million emergency room visits in 2013 were because of bicycle-related injuries, and 900 bicyclists were killed. While the vast majority of injuries aren’t fatal, they can still be serious, and the CDC offers some common-sense advice on how to avoid them or reduce their impact. It’s… Read more »